Chelsea Pullano

Impressed by authenticity. Member of Diet Coke Anonymous. Extremely Type-A. Still discovering what Type-B means.

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Sex Lives of Our Founding Fathers
3 years ago
Our founding fathers were a muddled group, and the sex lives of our founding fathers make them much all the more so. The general public is fixated on sex in such a variety of ways, but seldom do we ta...
Porn Stars for President
3 years ago
Presidential elections often resemble more of a circus than a process to determine the future of our country. Many of us have quickly grown tired of the same old candidates and the same arguments that...
Do Aphrodisiacs Work?
3 years ago
I made the mistake of reading up on so-called aphrodisiacs, or love potions, after eating a hearty lunch. The portions that gullible people have downed in an attempt to increase sexual prowess would t...
Porn Is the Invisible Hand of Technology
3 years ago
Technology creates sexology improves. Technology has evolved to its current state largely thanks to the invisible hand of pornography. The adult entertainment industry was pioneering technology long b...
History of Video Game Sex
3 years ago
At a recent presentation for an interactive video sex game, one of the coders turned to us and said, “it’s all the fun of sex, with none of the mess.” The video game industry has had a rocky relations...
Vintage Sex Advertisements
3 years ago
How do you sell sex? The golden age of Mad Men-esque advertising gets all the credit for the "sex sells" mantra. Riddled with sexual undertones, those mainstream advertisements sold the American dream...