Chas C. Smith

I'm the author of Sweethearts: An American Telenovela. I've always loved creating that feeling of intrigue in readers. I work to make everything I do enjoyable. Twitter:@ChasCSmith FB:

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The Denigrating Effects of Pornography on Society
a year ago
We live in a society where women wear rape whistles and children are sold into slavery and raped for some sickos' pleasure. You can very well put this aside and say "Well, that's not happening to me or here. It has nothing to do with me." Well, let me ask you, how much porn do you watch? How much erotica do you read? How many nude photos do you look at? And how often do you masturbate to any of these? Let's put this in a financial look. For every click onto a website, that website gets money whe...