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I was  told if you can tell a  lie you can write...that's a lie I was never told that! 

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After the Rain
20 hours ago
“Yoooo!” Jahsmyne wouldn't dare admit to herself, but this was her way of safely texting Walter. She knew her contact info was not her name and definitely no picture, but she did this just to be cauti...
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
8 days ago
Free stood at the bus stop and watched as her colleagues drove by in their foreign cars on the way to their luxury condos. “Pizza tonight?” She just rolled her eyes as she replied. “Would love it!” Fr...
It Was Never Really About the Sex
9 days ago
It was never really about the sex for Walter and Jahsmyne. They connected on a level that no one else would understand. “Who are you on the phone with?” her friends would ask. “Walter, why?” “Because ...
"Do Whatever You Want to Me"
10 days ago
"The dash, a digi, the schedule is busy..." her phone rings out. "UGH!" she exclaimed, feeling more irritated with the volume than the song itself. Drake was really making her summer 2018 something to...