Charlee Love

Life is a beautiful gift, don't waste it.

Charlee's Diary
12 days ago
Me, at 21 years old, finding out that my mother was pregnant was quite the shock. I had thought that the next baby in the family would be my own in a few years, not my mother's. Regardless, the news g...
Between the Sheets
9 months ago
We met in June of 2016. I remember distinctly the day we met because I thought he was an asshole. Being the asshole that he is, is what attracted me to him. I came in for an interview, which took plac...
The Breakthrough
9 months ago
The pain of losing someone you thought would never leave you is an unbearable pain. We have been together for two years now, but six months ago, he left me. He chose to join the US Marine Corps on Apr...
My Journey Through Dominance and Kink
9 months ago
Sex has always been a large part of my life. A LARGE part of my life. At 14 years old I lost my virginity to, whom my small-minded 14 year old self though was, the love of my life. Of course, at 14 ye...