Chantel Harrison

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How to Decide to Have Sex with Someone
2 months ago
Sex comes with a lot of different expectations and consequences depending on the person. If those things are not communicated honestly beforehand, then things easily get messy, feelings get hurt, or r...
The Wedding Pt. 1
2 months ago
Today’s the big day. I stretched my arms, rubbed my eyes, and hopped out of bed, swinging my messy curls around. I’m getting married. As if sensing I was awake, my maid of honor/best friend Tia called...
The First Date Pt. 2
2 months ago
I couldn’t believe I had actually been getting Tinder dates off my ridiculous profile. My pictures were so bleh and my bio was basic. I was enjoying getting to meet some new people from it, but I wasn...
Sasha x Leah
2 months ago
I decided to drag my ass to the gym for the third time this week, surprisingly. I was naturally thin, so the only thing motivating me to go to the gym was wanting muscle, which I wasn’t in a rush to g...
I Never Found Out Her Name, So I Called Her Mia Elizabeth
2 months ago
The airport in Austin was a lot better than the airport in Chicago. The Austin airport had giant, colorfully painted guitars, murals, and artwork everywhere. It seemed more like a mall than an airport...
The First Date Pt. 1
2 months ago
Here we go again, another day, another Tinder date. I wasn’t expecting anything different from my last four failed attempts at finding a connection with someone. Although, I did have a weird feeling a...