Chantel Harrison

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The Wedding Pt. 1
2 days ago
Today’s the big day. I stretched my arms, rubbed my eyes, and hopped out of bed, swinging my messy curls around. I’m getting married. As if sensing I was awake, my maid of honor/best friend Tia called...
The First Date Pt. 2
10 days ago
I couldn’t believe I had actually been getting Tinder dates off my ridiculous profile. My pictures were so bleh and my bio was basic. I was enjoying getting to meet some new people from it, but I wasn...
Sasha x Leah
13 days ago
I decided to drag my ass to the gym for the third time this week, surprisingly. I was naturally thin, so the only thing motivating me to go to the gym was wanting muscle, which I wasn’t in a rush to g...
I Never Found Out Her Name, So I Called Her Mia Elizabeth
15 days ago
The airport in Austin was a lot better than the airport in Chicago. The Austin airport had giant, colorfully painted guitars, murals, and artwork everywhere. It seemed more like a mall than an airport...
The First Date Pt. 1
16 days ago
Here we go again, another day, another Tinder date. I wasn’t expecting anything different from my last four failed attempts at finding a connection with someone. Although, I did have a weird feeling a...