Chantal LaTreviette

People always tell me, "write what you know".  Well, I hope that people are interested in what I know.

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The Safeword Debate
10 months ago
(I'm channeling my inner Miranda Priestley for this piece. They don't make Tops like her anymore.) "I don't like using safewords, because I don't want to have control." "Why do I need a safeword when ...
BDSM: Playing Fair
10 months ago
In the BDSM Community, we use terms like "play", "game", "toys", and "scene". Maybe we use them for lack of better words to describe what we do. Maybe it's to make newbies (new people) more comfortabl...
BDSM: Fifty Shades of Real
a year ago
I am a 20+ year veteran of the BDSM community, what I referred to then as "The Scene." I actually prefer to call it "The Community", because that's what it was to me. I wouldn't know what they call it...