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Dedicated to explaining and revealing all the tips and tricks of how to be successful in the sex work industry specifically camming.

Cam Care–Confidence
4 months ago
Confidence is a massive part of the cam industry for so many models in one way or another. Sometimes it can make or break your confidence depending on how your shift went, the trick is to try not to b...
Marketing and Promoting Your Cam Brand
5 months ago
This was one of the points I brought up in 'Top Ten Tips for Becoming a Successful Webcam Model' and it's a great way to increase customer productivity so let's get into some more detail about the bes...
Creating Your Cam Character
5 months ago
We briefly touched on this topic in "Top Ten Tips for Becoming a Successful Webcam Girl," but it's time to delve into some details. You may have already been in the cam industry for a while, but you'r...
The Perfect Set Up
5 months ago
If you're a cam model, then one of your number one priorities should be to have good lighting and general set up to ensure you don't lose customers in those first few moments of them viewing you. Now ...
Finding and Practicing Your Inner Dominant
5 months ago
Let me start off by saying that if you feel uncomfortable or unhappy with performing dominant sessions on cam, then you don't have to. You have the freedom to decide what you do and do not do in this ...
Cam Girls: Staying Safe Online
6 months ago
Luckily, due to the websites in place and the way the industry is currently run, it's fairly easy to stay safe online. However, there are always precautions you need to take and things to keep in mind...