Caesar Finkle

Journalist and fine woman connoisseur from Danbury, Connecticut.

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Hottest Girls on Instagram
3 years ago
With a combined millions of followers, it is safe to say that the hottest girls on Instagram are redefining what it means to be instafamous. Today we are in an age where more people become famous thro...
Best Porn Stars to Follow on Twitter
3 years ago
The best porn stars to follow on Twitter are the ones who show their lives behind the camera. You can get steamy come-ons anywhere (after all, that’s what porn is for!) These women aren’t afraid to sh...
Guido Argentini's Silver Series
3 years ago
Florence-born photographer, Guido Argentini, studied medicine for three years at the university of Florence before discovering a passion for photography at 23. He turned his hobby into a profession an...
History of Chastity Belts
3 years ago
Is your money safely locked up at the bank? Then why isn’t your vagina locked up as well? From Mad Max to Robin Hood: Men In Tights, this historical garment has been appearing in pop culture in the 20...
1970s Celebrity Ass 
3 years ago
It is a funny thing, but celebrity ass wasn't that big in the 1970s. The celebrities that had them were certainly famous for them, but over all it was a breast man's world. The Jerry Seinfeld ass man ...
Weirdest Porn Parodies
3 years ago
Anyone familiar with famous Internet Rule 34 knows that our list featuring the weirdest porn parodies is probably not the worst thing you could find on the World Wide Web. However, some of the movies ...