Bryanna Burshnick

I'm an aspiring writer, music believer, food endulger, and lover of life here to share my own experiences, ideas, advice, and beliefs!

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You May Address Me as Sir
a year ago
It all started very innocent, very vanilla. She wasn't the kind of girl to get too adventurous; in her daily life and in the bedroom. So he was gentle with her heart and with her body. Their days were...
Sexy Dirty Love
a year ago
Let's talk about love. No, actually let's talk about sex. Such a fun topic to talk about, isn't it. I'm sure when you're hanging with your girlfriends or your buddies, this topic comes up frequently. ...
Just for Tonight
a year ago
We'll meet in a bar. You'll be sitting across the room, a beer in your hand. Your eyes will travel up my body until they burn into mine. I will be sipping on a jack and coke to let you know that I'm a...