Brittany Oakley

I'm 21 years old and located in the foothills of North Carolina. I enjoy spending time at home with my boyfriend and ten pets. I also enjoy reading, writing, and anything nerdy!

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Confessions of a Cheating Girlfriend: the First Encounter/His Best Friend
2 years ago
When Alex asked me to sleep with someone else and record it for him, I was initially wary of the request. It took time and lots of thought to warm up to the idea, but I eventually decided to take the ...
Confessions of a Cheating Girlfriend: The Initial Response
2 years ago
In a previous posting, I explained cuckoldry/cheating and how I make it work in my relationship. I consider this entry to be a preview of what's to come, as I have a new series in the works titled "Co...
I Cheat Because He Asks Me To
2 years ago
Most people would agree that cheating in any capacity is a big no-no. I’d typically agree with that statement. However, I find my relationship a special case scenario. My wonderful partner of four yea...