Brianna Price

A bewitched 24 year old and her three black cats, leaving an imprint on the world and the people we meet through out it. 

Accelerated Heart Rate
a month ago
I wasn't expecting company but I couldn't deny him when he walked through my front door. I was in the middle of a very intense game of Call of Duty: Zombies. I had an excellent team and we were really...
I Love My Wife
2 months ago
"Let's do something new," she whispered. Her voice was that of persuasion. The finest persuasion. The lights were bouncing from floor to ceiling and the heat was palpable. I can't believe I'd let her ...
Forever Daring
7 months ago
Vana has always been one to try new things. She was daring in almost all that she did. From her nails and her hair to the lipstick that coated her lips. She dared life. But one particular interest she...