Brandi Payne

I'm a forty-eight-year-old woman who became a published author back in 2016. I write fiction and nonfiction in many different genre. I love to write and tell stories to the world and hope that everyone enjoys them.

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Paisley's Wildest Fantasy
3 months ago
Saffyre laid around on the couch like the lazy cat she was. She was a pearl white Persian that weighed about twenty-two pounds in total. She had the sexiest blue eyes, lined with a single black line o...
My Life as a Phonesex Operator
3 months ago
For eight years, I enjoyed being a phonesex worker and made pretty good money. When I first started out, I was not privy to all the fetishes that there were in the world. I say world because I had qui...
The Dream
3 months ago
Her lips came up over his bald scrotal sac like a sun rising over the desert. The wrinkled skin looked like wind-blown ripples in the sand as her tongue traced every one of them. That fleshy pink tong...
The Oral Fixation That I Have
4 months ago
One night as I was walking to a dance, a guy I knew from the neighborhood stopped me and asked me to come inside for a beer. I didn't really drink being that I was under the age of eighteen. He coerce...