Bethany Ashlyn

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What Women Want You to Know About Sex
7 months ago
There is a topic many people are uncomfortable talking about with their partners. While almost all of us have had sex, we get choked up when asked to start a conversation about what happens underneath...
Let's Have a Conversation About Sex
8 months ago
I've been somewhat of a hypocrite in a few of my articles about sex. To go into more detail, I've spoken about how communication is critical in the bedroom without practicing what I preach. While I do...
A Beginner's Guide to Anal Sex
9 months ago
There is a lot of misguided information when it comes to anal sex these days. All over the internet, you hear that it is not safe, painful, and can cause health damages when you get older. While these...
How Masturbation Could Be Healthy for a Relationship
10 months ago
For whatever reason, masturbation is frowned upon in our society. We punish kids when we catch them in the act, get mad at our spouses when we figure out they do it and look at it as disgusting. What ...
How To Feel Confident On Top
10 months ago
When it comes to sex, all of my insecurities bubble up to the surface. I'm incredibly aware of how my fat rolls, how small my boobs lie, and what positions that I should avoid at all costs. No matter ...
Stop Comparing Porn to the Real Thing
a year ago
We have all had that one awkward experience in bed with someone. You know, the one where they try an impossibly uncomfortable move or act a certain way that gives you severe porn vibes. You might pret...