Average Joe

Just a regular guy doing regular things with a regular job but an exceptional family

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Risky Side to Watching
6 months ago
Part 3: Sunbathing Strokes By now it was summer and Sam had not been as adventurous as he'd like. Every time he tried to get into a position to watch someone he was either too scared of getting caught...
To Watch or Be Watched
7 months ago
Part 1: Finding His Fetish Sam had a pretty normal upbringing. His mum and dad had steady jobs which meant they were always looked after. They were by no means rich but we're definitely not poor. Sam ...
Inner Beauty?
8 months ago
"Make mine a double!" This must be my favourite phrase when on a night out and on this occasion it cam back to haunt me. 4 years ago, I was free, single, and looking for what ever I could get. This pa...