Ashley Peterson

Nurse, mental health blogger at, and living with mental illness.  Author of Psych Meds Made Simple and Making Sense of Psychiatric Diagnosis. Writer on Medium.  

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Sex Ed for Adults
4 months ago
Depending on where and when you grew up, as a teenager you may have gotten a moderate amount of sex-related education, you may have had a clunky demonstration of rolling a condom over a banana, or you...
How Do We Talk About Sex?
5 months ago
When I was growing up, sex was not talked about in my house. I discovered how sex worked by accident. My parents had bought a how-your-body-works kind of book that depicted various aspects of bodily f...
Intimacy and Mental Illness
7 months ago
We live in a hyper-sexualized society, but we seldom talk about the reality of sex, and even less about the reality of sexual problems. If depression doesn't sap any sexual desire you have then the me...