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Why Are Vampires Seen as Sex Objects?
2 years ago
When was it that rotting flesh devils who sucked a person dry of blood until their lungs rasped out their last became sex objects? Vampires and sex seem intertwined together. Before Twilight, before A...
Strangest Erotic Kindle eBooks (That Sell Well)
2 years ago
Part of the joy of looking up erotic Kindle eBooks is to see how strange everything gets the further into the pit you descend. Sure, erotica has always been a strange genre, but, thanks to the self-pu...
How To (Gently) Introduce Rough Sex in Bed
2 years ago
The average person is into some kinky, rough things in bed, yet so often people are content to indulge in casual, vanilla sex. An individual may be into some rough stuff, want to be thrust into the pi...
The Ultimate Guide to VR Porn
2 years ago
Digital media has always been on the front lines of providing new forms of porn for the masses, so, when virtual reality first hit the market, many speculated how long it would be before they could ex...