Anne St. Marie

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Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: The Foot Fetish 'Feet You Can Bone' Roundup Edition, Part #1
2 years ago
So. Feet. You may love 'em, you may be indifferent to 'em, or you may be the kind of person who regards having to touch a foot as being akin to having to shake hands with someone who's obviously just ...
Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: 'The Zeus Voice Controlled E-Stim Chastity System'
2 years ago
Have you been yearning for the sight of yet another strange and possibly alarming sex toy? Well, wait no longer, dear readers. Wacky Sex Toy of the Week has returned yet again, and, let me tell you, w...
Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: 'The Hand-Job Cocksheath'
2 years ago
Missing your regular dose of weird and (dubiously) wonderful sex toys? Well, let me assuage your worries, because Wacky Sex Toy of the Week is back, we’re ---- well, sort of beige, really ---- and we’...
Why Foreplay is Slowly Becoming a Thing of the Past
2 years ago
Foreplay. The word quickly brings to mind a certain couple and situation . . . usually, a man taking a few minutes to ‘warm up’ his lady before the actual act of penetration, perhaps with slow and ind...
Wacky Sex Toy of the Week: 'Ovipositor Dildos'
2 years ago
This third edition of Wacky Sex Toy of the Week features some truly unique toys...yes, they’ve all been pretty unique so far, but these are uniquer. Uniqueful. Uniquest. Yes, perhaps even more so than...
50 Shades of Okay, Why It's All Right to Like the Steamy Bestselling Series
3 years ago
'50 Shades of Grey' Okay, now that I’ve started off with that line, I’ll give you a moment to either stop fan-flailing or to (more likely) stop seething. Yes, a huge number of people absolutely loathe...