Anna Greenflower

I love writing and being vocal about my thoughts so I hope you get something out of my writing! I also love hiking, volunteering, being healthy, coding, and makeup. I love nature, Hawaii, and anywhere tropical!

How to Give Her the Best Cunnilingus
9 months ago
Cunnilingus is a an art that takes on many forms. There is no one correct way to go about eating a girl out; creativity is the best part when it comes to eating pussy. There's not really much you need...
Things She's Thinking When You're Going Down on Her
9 months ago
Receiving mind-blowing cunnilingus is almost every woman's dream. Whether it be a relationship or just a hookup, getting oral is an ultimate act of pleasure. What many don't know, however, is that the...
Taurus + Libra Sexual Smut — Tinder Hookup
9 months ago
This is a continuation of my previous story, "I Can't Get Over My Tinder Hookup" where I described the beginning of a date that I'll remember for the rest of my life. Just to recap, I left off at my h...
I Can't Get Over My Tinder Hookup
9 months ago
It was March 3, 2018, a typical Saturday late night where I was doing homework when I decided to open up Tinder after receiving a notification. "You've got a new match!" it read on the screen. This wa...
The Taurus Woman: Who We Are and What We Like in a Man
10 months ago
As a Taurus woman in her early 20s, I am confident I have a sense of what females under my sign look for in men (I am a heterosexual female and will be writing from that perspective). As a disclaimer,...