Amelie Peyton Cash

 Author “GIVING IT AWAY” Exploding the Fallacy of NSA  Her story includes insights gained from her time spent as a courtesan Her experience provides amazing insight that can encourage all women to see through her eyes.

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The Lifestyle Jeopardy
2 years ago
It's raining outside. Rain has a way of bringing sensual thoughts to my mind. Memories of past rainy days and special trysts appear in my mind. Some make me smile and some make me laugh to myself. The...
Major League - The Baseball Player
2 years ago
This story is typical of what would happen occasionally, not often. At the start of things, when I had to determine if I would take on a new client, the communication would be via internet and email. ...
My Initiation into The Lifestyle
2 years ago
It was my very first time having actual sex in a club, swingers setting. I was in my mid-forties and just discovering my sexuality through my second marriage. Up until this time, I had been just like ...
The Man with the Master Key
2 years ago
I had been seeing my favorite client, who I refer to now as 'The Impossible One' for about two years at this point. Things had already gotten over the line as far as the business vs. personal relation...
Why Do We Find It So Difficult to Talk About the Important Things in Life?
2 years ago
After being contacted this morning by a fellow Twitter warrior; I felt it necessary to write this piece. He like myself has a "cause", his being that person who brings awareness to Herpes and the fact...
What Men Can't Do At Home
2 years ago
Nearly all of my clients would talk to me about their personal or private “normal” lives to one degree or another. I have heard many complaints of what I have come to call “reluctant” sex. This is a p...