Alexa Martinez

Alexa Martinez is a blogger and author who lives in London. Alexa is an advocate for Female Led Relationships (FLR) and she likes to push the boundaries and challenge the current social constructions with her writing.

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Housewifing Your Husband
5 months ago
Women of the world, isn't it time you asked the question: why can't my man be my housewife? I've made that change in my own household and believe me, it works and it can work for you too. Yes, my husb...
A Day in the Life of a Wife Led Marriage
6 months ago
Those who have read my articles before know that I advocate female-led relationships and the feminisation of husbands and boyfriends as the route to harmony and love. This article looks at a typical S...
It's Time To Strip Masculinity From Our Relationships
8 months ago
How many marriages do you know where the woman 'wears the trousers'? How many matriarchs do you know who rule benignly over the entire family? I believe that this is not enough and I, and many of my f...
Office Discipline (Part One)
9 months ago
I couldn't believe it. Anger doesn't go anywhere near describing how I felt. I'd been working here, in this office, for five years and I'd done pretty well. Maybe I could be a little outspoken at time...
A Perfect Future?
9 months ago
I slammed the phone down on my desk and breathed in. Three deep breaths, I told myself. Calm down. I pressed the intercom to my secretary. "Hold my calls for five minutes, Candy." "No problem," came t...