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Artificial Intelligence

Not Too Distant Future

Jim was enjoying while his young lover was sucking his cock. Ted always enjoyed when Jim gave him the same favor back. They usually played a little game each time when fellatio was in question. Each time one of them was sucking the other they would try to make a surprise by not giving any clue that orgasm was imminent. The goal of the game was to make the "opponent" gag, but without pressing the head down.

This time Ted was giving it all, holding one hand firmly at the root of Jim's dick, and using the other to gently stir his balls. He was sucking deep and slow at first, but now was speeding up a bit, almost as if he was trying to control the outcome of the game, to get Jim to cum into his mouth when he wants it.

It seemed that the trick was succeeding because Jim was silently moaning; the pleasure was too high to bear in complete silence. He couldn't hold it anymore, neither the voice nor his sperm. "I'm cumming, babe, I'm cummiiiiiiiiing," Jim said and released the cistern of jizz.

"Ha ha, I fucked you up this time," Ted said while he was wiping his mouth with a towel a minute later. 

"Fuck you, faggot," Jim said laughingly and threw a pillow at his young lover. They were both in their late 20s and have been in a relationship for over a year now. Jim was a high school math teacher, and Ted was a software engineer, a very successful one.

When he was only 15, he crashed into the CIA's central database, and if it wasn't for his father's friends on a high position, he would probably still be locked up or worse. His father, a career diplomat, disavowed him when he found out that he was gay. It wasn't a big setback for Ted because he already had his own IT firm, and was making a decent money with it. Jim was still a closet homosexual, refusing to admit to his parents his true orientation. He simply didn't want to break their hearts, although he knew that eventually, they would have to know.

Today was a very special day for Ted because he had an important meeting with the big political figures. He was invited to the building of the Department of Education to present his new computer program. Politicians found out about it through spies they had in his firm, but Ted wasn't actually trying to hide it. His plan all along was to sell it to the political establishment. He gently kissed his partner as he was leaving the house, and mysteriously said that they will talk tonight about some important issue. He kept his appointment secret from Jim.

At the entrance of the aforementioned building, he was greeted by two security guards who escorted him to a room somewhere in the basement. He waited there for a couple of minutes until the door opened and more than ten people entered the room. He was in quite shock noticing that in this small group of people were the political heads of both the Left and the Right political party plus some older people he never saw in his life, but guessed that they must be very wealthy, judging by their expensive clothes.

After a few minutes of small talk and introduction, Older guy No 1 said: "Let's cut to the chase, Ted. Is it true that you invented an Artificial Intelligence?" The room suddenly became filled with the grave silence. After a few moments, Ted sighed and said:

"Gentlemen. Whatever your spies might have told you, I must say that I haven't only invented the AI, but I have invented the way for you, your children, and their children's children to hold the positions of power in this country for an indefinite time, possibly forever."

Silence became even bigger. Older guy No 2 broke it by asking: "Please Ted, elaborate."

"My algorithms are designed to target every human being that has a profile on any social network or even just an email address by secretly inserting the political message specially tailored just for his eyes and ears but of course with your signature on it. Basically, every user will hear whatever he wants to hear and be convinced that it came right from you. This is the way you'll be able to exist as an establishment for many centuries to come. No independent thinkers will be able to grab your seats at the Parliament or Congress or even the Presidency because you'll be in total control, gentlemen. My price for this program is very modest. I promise it ain't gonna cost you an arm and a leg," Ted said with a mild smile on his lips, lips that sucked a dick that very morning.

"So... they just let you walk away," Jim said when Ted told him the full story that very night. "What else could they do? They weren't gonna give away on ultimate power. And they couldn't kill me because I'm the only person on the planet that knows how to activate the Artificial Intelligence program."

"How much did you charge them?"

"Enough," Ted said with the devilish smile.

"It appears that there is only one thing left for you to do, Ted."

"What would that be, honey?"

"Put your dick in my ass, babe!" 

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Artificial Intelligence
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