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And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 4


I couldn't figure out how we had gotten here. John is living with me, washing in my bath—preparing himself for me. And here I am, standing like a child nervous on Christmas day. Is this what I wanted? Why does he want me? Why is it that when the fantasy comes to fruition, the dream comes to the climax, that you feel as though you shouldn't have gotten what you received?

Madeline is lying on the bed, looking at me for answers. Her eyes are empty.

"Madeline, do you think I have waited long enough?"

She shrugged her shoulders. "For me, it will never be long enough. I guess I have grown possessive."

"John does not compare to you," I found myself saying. "You will always be most important to me." I knew it was true.

Suddenly, I wanted Madeline. She was sprawled out on my bed, waiting. Her eyes were fixated on me. Her hand moved towards her hips, between her thighs, under her dress. I couldn't see where they ended—here they reconnected.

I walked slowly toward the bed. I had never seen Madzy like this, so vulnerable. I stopped at the edge of the bed near her head, watching down her body.  Small mewls were slipping out of her mouth.

Her moaning is hypnotic. She is baring herself for me.

I stared into her eyes, watching her arm move over her body. Her mouth opened in arousal, showing me her pink tongue.

I wish I had a cock... her mouth is so inviting. 

I moved around to the other side of the bed, my eyes tracing where her hand was reaching. Her eyes followed me, heated.

I reached out to grab the top of her underwear, pulling them down her legs. They slipped off easily and dropped. Her middle and forefinger were tracing her clit. I didn't want to hold back—my hands were hungry for her.

I pulled her hips, lifting them and tugging her toward the edge of the bed. She looked surprised. I spread her open, pulled her hand aside and lapped at her clit. Her hips bucked to my mouth.

"Master!" she nearly yelled. "May you take my inside? I am yours."

I hummed against her clit.


Her begging is delightful, but she tastes so sweet. 

I pulled away to look at her face. Her eyes were needy.

"Do you wish to have me?" I ran my middle finger along her slit. "I have no cock for you, love." Two fingers slid inside easily, her body was relaxed for me.

"You do not need a cock to claim me, Master. You are bound to me by your soul."

I felt incomprehensible love, a warmth that started in my chest. I smiled brilliantly.

"Grow a cock so that I may stroke and penetrate you."

She stared at me. "Yes, Master."

A tendril grew from her, then turned hard and thick. I appreciated it for a moment. I couldn't fight the urge, my mouth went around her as far as my throat would allow. She threw her head back in pleasure.

I pushed deeper into her, pulling upward. My mouth was bobbing quickly over her. I started a steady rhythm.

Her hips bucked with my motions.

"Master, you are pleasuring so many places at once it is overwhelming..." she nearly wailed to me.

I suddenly felt a presence behind me. I stopped bobbing and relinquished the cock in my mouth.

"Please, by all means, continue." John was looking at me with awe and arousal. "I am appalled at your fervor."

I felt a need to finish Madzy deep in my stomach. I pulled my clothes off onto the floor. 

I climbed onto the bed, mounted her and slid down onto her dick. I could hear John gasp behind me. I nearly called out in pleasure. It was so thick and I was so aroused by John's presence.

"Master! Wait..." I started to grind on her. I couldn't remember the last time I had gotten on top and taken her. "Please, I cannot hold out much longer." I wanted to go harder. I wanted to be the only thing she thought about tonight, or any other night when she came.

I could hear John laying down on his bed. Madeline held onto my hips desperately. 

"Master..." Her mouth fell open with a groan.

"You're so good, Madeline," I was bouncing quickly. "Please come inside of me, I want you."

Her cock was pulsing inside of me. I could feel her start to freeze up.

She threw her head back. 

"Uh-aaa!" she nearly squealed, and I could feel myself flooding with her. Her beautiful figure writhing underneath me, all muscle and tan.

She breathed heavily, staring into my eyes.

"Fuck," John was shifting behind us. "I don't even know how to handle this."

His hand was under his towel, where I imagine he was touching his cock.

"Do you want me to call you "master" or something?"

I just smiled, sliding upward off of Madeline's cock, cum pouring down my legs for the moment.

"You certainly can."

He inhaled sharply.

"Madeline, can you draw me a bath?"

"Yes, Master."

"You're going to take a bath?" John mused.

"Yes. Would you mind getting back in there with me?"

"I can. But Madeline said, 'Master always gets the first bath.'"

"This is not a bath meant to make me clean." He smiled. "Peasant," I added.

"My father asked me what I was doing around here to pay my debt. Shall I assume that it is pleasuring you?"

"You haven't pleasured me yet, and the real judge is Madeline. So don't get too caught up in that for now."

"Pleasure... the demon pet?" Madeline turned the corner from the bath, a wicked grin on her face.

"Master, your bath is ready." She stopped to stare John down.

He nearly shuddered under her stare.

What meek creatures men are.

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And Yet, There Was a Man: Chapter 4
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