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Anal Play and Anal Sex

Tips, Tricks, and Warnings

So before I start this post, I should say before you engage in any play or sex (anal or otherwise), you have to have consent and use protection. Also, this post is not intended to convince you to do these acts, only to educate legal adults (18+) on these acts. That being said, I wanted to talk about anal sex and anal play. People think they know everything they can know about anal play and sex, but there are sometimes gaps in their knowledge. So that's where I come in.

Anything you put up there will need to be lubed and you will have to go slowly. If you put your dick up there, you may need to use condoms if you or partner have STDs or STIs. You may also want to use condoms if you don't know if you or your partner have STDs or STIs. Condoms are always a good idea whenever a dick goes in anywhere. Speaking of putting dicks places, please, for the love of God, clean it very well or change condoms when you switch from anal to vaginal sex and visa versa. When you switch from one hole to another, it can transfer bacteria or cause bacteria to grow. 

Toys are an interesting thing that people don't know much about. When you use toys, ask people at the sex toy shop about what lubes to use with each type of toy. You also need a good cleaner for your toys. Starship has an amazing foaming one that I highly recommend. One tip I can give you is, with anal beads, put them in slowly and take them out slowly. I guess that can be said about anything you put in the butt. Butt plugs require even pressure and more lube than you expect to need for one toy.

Any play or sexual activity (including anal sex) in the butt can affect the anatomy of it, and while some play and anal won't totally mess you up, it can still loosen the part of your butt that holds in the poop. Now people hear that and think that it means that their poop will fall out. Not true. It will just loosen the outside ring of the anus.  While we are on the subject of messing up the butt, beware of rose budding and extreme play. It may forever change the anatomy of the anal area. Plus, do not try to make the hole gape. That will become permanent and then your poop will fall out. So don't push the limits too far. Listen to your body. 

Pegging is one thing people don't know a lot about. The one thing that make men iffy about pegging is that they think it will make them gay or less of a man if they try or like it. Trying or liking being pegged does not make you gay. It also doesn't make you less off a man. You have a lot of nerve endings back there and so it can feel as good to you as vaginal sex feels to your female partner. You just need to relax and take your time. It shouldn't hurt, but it may feel weird for a bit. Lube and taking your time is your friend. Also, don't try to prove your manhood or toughness by trying to take on the biggest toy your first time. You wouldn't pick up the biggest weight your first time working out, would you?

Like with most things on my page, research is your friend, and know your limits. Also, don't do anything that you are not into just to make someone else happy. You have to make yourself happy. If you have any questions or comments, please email me at [email protected] 

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Anal Play and Anal Sex
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