Experimenting and exploring my body.

I've always been afraid of the 'A' word.. against it.. knew that I would not like it. I always thought that men enjoy it because their G spot is in there. Where as a woman's is not. So why would I want to try something that I know most probably wouldn't be the most comfortable of situations I've put myself in. 

Anyway... my boyfriend had other girls say they would do it and then chicken out. Therefore he had never done it.... well not on purpose anyway. Opps. So we had the 'a' conversation. Now here's something about me - I like to research, I like being prepared so I did my own research, blog sites, porn sites... the works to try consider doing it. I was convinced that if I did do it I had to be drunk. Very drunk. Or if we did it, it would be once a year on his birthday. Like Sheldon and Amy. Although I doubt that they do anal, I mean it took Sheldon two years to hold Amy's hand. Anyway, I'm going off subject. So after doing my research, I thought "What the hell?" I'm young and in a committed relationship. He was thrilled... told his best friend who then asked his girlfriend who wasn't as open to idea as I was. 

The night came.. So here's my side of what happened. Things got heated. Really heated. Like sex with my boyfriend is hot anyway but this time it was different, he seemed really turned on by the fact I had agreed. The moment came, I started on top therefore I was in control, I could go at my own pace and could stop when it got too much. Lube was essential. Loads and loads and because I was nervous I was tense which is never a good thing when something is going in an unknown area. I'm not going to lie to you. It hurt. Even with lube it still hurt. I bared through it going slow, and once we got part the thickest part, it wasn't that bad. Although it was a very strange sensation. Like I was going to poop. Which made me feel uncomfortable. So we switch to him being behind me. He was gentle, listen to my body language and we talked all the way through it. Once I started to loosen up, he got faster and actually it felt really good. 

So my advice to someone who is thinking of trying it; 

  • Be prepared to know it may hurt at first. 
  • USE LUBE. You will cause trauma otherwise and that hurts after you've done it and can cause other problems such as infections and bleeding. So make sure you have loads of lube ready. 
  • Trust each other - sounds cliche but it's true. Not only do you have to trust your partner but make sure he trusts you to because if not done correctly you could hurt him too. 
  • This is gross - There may be some poo appearances. COMPLETELY NORMAL. This is part and parcel with doing anal. Just both wash after you've done it and no one will become ill or get infections. 
  • If he uses his fingers to warm you up make sure he doesn't touch your fi-fi after because you could get a UTI. So make sure he doesn't double dip! 

It seems like there are a lot of things to think about but this is why I did research, if I didn't know this I would have made a couple of trips to the doctors.  

In conclusion, we don't do it regularly but I'm glad I did it, I feel weirdly closer to my boyfriend. Exploring new things with your other half is sexy and fun just make sure you are safe and completely happy to do it! 

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