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An Unexpected Affair

Vacation with a Twist on the Itinerary

Note: some dialogue is in French, followed by a translation in parentheses.


The airport security didn't take as long as expected, Layla thought, as she was waved through to arrivals. The flight was half decent, without many bumps or turbulence. This was a solo trip for a weekend in Quebec City to practice French and check out the sites and some cuisine and wine—delicious down time away from work and stress. Layla was eager to enjoy her trip.

The hotel was located in the historical part of town and there were hills everywhere. This exercise is good for my legs, she thought. After checking in, she tossed her luggage aside and changed into a summer dress. The outdoor breeze was warm and comfortable that evening. Live music, vibrant conversations, laughter and the aroma of sizzling platters of roasted duck and sauteed vegetables. Layla chose to skip the elaborate, tourist-filled dining establishments for a small, almost hidden cafe open late. Upon entering, she noticed the tables were being cleared by one of the servers and assumed they were closed. 

"Puis je assistez vous, madamoiselle?" ("May I help you, miss?") he asked. 

Layla fumbled in French to respond.

"Ah... je- I think you are closed? Fermé?" ("I think you are closed?") Biting her lip, she was embarrassed she had forgotten so much of a language she worked so hard to practice.

The young man smiled, waving his hand as if to assure her there was nothing to be ashamed of.

"We are closed... but I see you are a tourist and I am happy to serve you." He immediately stopped cleaning and brought a laminated menu to her. "Please have a seat. I am in no hurry, so make yourself comfortable."

Layla reviewed the menu, looking for something light: a salad or appetizer. She chose a serving of mussels in tomato sauce with a side order of fries and a small glass of white wine. Her server was so diligent and eager to please. In no time, an aromatic glass of wine appeared paired with a delicious meal.

"Please enjoy... and if you are still hungry, I have more mussels." 

Layla observed him closely: his long, wiry but strong physique and shoulder length chestnut hair tied into a ponytail. His smile was generous and engaging, with shiny blue eyes and a smooth but strong bone structure.  She felt enchanted, aroused by him, and decided to linger as long as possible.

As he worked behind a counter towards the back, then the kitchen, Layla watched his movements closely.  Just then, another man entered the restaurant, locking the front door.

"Oh, desolet... nous sommes fermé." ("I'm sorry... we are closed.")  

Layla felt disappointed, realizing she should leave, until the server returned.

"Alex, she is almost done, d'accord?" ("Alex, she is almost done, ok?")

"Oui, Tim, d'accord."  ("Yes, Tim, ok") 

Alex and Tim. Both were around mid-20s with strong bodies. Alex was very tanned and athletic like a body builder. Layla continued dining until Alex sat across from her.

"You don't mind, do you?"

"Not at all. I'm sorry that I didn't come sooner. I just arrived today."

"No need to apologize mademoiselle." 

She loved it when he called her that.

"Je m'apelle Layla." ("My name is Layla/")

"Enchanté." ("Enchanted.") 

There was a pause, and Layla took notice of Alex in the background, having a quick bite to eat.

"My hotel is not too far," Layla continued.  "It isn't too far, and your place here looked interesting."

"Tim is my business partner. We manage this little place together. Lunch and dinner are very busy, but times like this..."


He paused to lean over and caress her cheek, satisfying his urge to touch this strange, attractive woman with hazel eyes and long, curly auburn hair. Layla flinched at first, then smiled shyly.

"I didn't mean to be so bold... but you are very attractive." 

Layla blushed, looking down at her nearly finished plate of mussels and reaching for the rest of her wine.

"Th-thank you."

"Would you like a tour guide? Someone to show you around?" 

Layla felt a bit nervous, considering she had only just met Alex.  He could be trying to bait her for a tourist scam, or worse.

"I will keep that in mind, but I should go soon... May I have the bill?"

"No charge, if..." Tim was grinning in the background, seemingly aware of his friend's tactics. "... if you give me a kiss."

Layla leaned forward to Alex, savouring his attraction to her, lightly pressing her lips to his. Opening gently, the kiss progressed deeply, as Alex pulled Layla closer, both hands cupping her face.  Tim observed intently, growing an erection in response.  

"Tim... why don't you come here too," Layla offered, shocking Alex with such forwardness. 

Tim approached them both, as Alex remained close, all three of them touching, caressing each other. Layla's heart quickened with anticipation as both Tim and Alex removed their clothing to reveal strong, athletic bodies ripe for her. Tim pulled Alex close to kiss him, pressing his chest and body against his. Almost immediately, he pulled Layla towards them and the fondling continued.  She positioned herself in between the men, one chest pushed against her back with the other brushing against their bodies.

The bar was a perfect place to position themselves, with Layla bent to hold onto the counter as Alex pulled her hips back to meet his cock, plunging into her wet pussy as Tim continued to kiss her deeply. As Alex thrusted, Layla pushed back into him, milking him with her muscles until he was ready to release...

Unexpectedly, he pulled out and grabbed Alex, bending him in the same way to penetrate and release his load. As he did this, Layla hopped onto the counter, spreading her legs wide before Alex. He took delight in indulging her wet, pulsating mound, licking vigorously as she moaned, throwing her head back in ecstasy. She gripped the edge of the counter firmly to prevent from falling, as Tim's pumping into Alex nearly pushed them over the edge. Tim and Layla reached their climax, leaving Alex also satisfied with prostate orgasm as well. The excited and slightly tired theeesome embraced to enjoy mutual warmth from their bodies.

"The doors... windows... they are still open..." Alex panicked, then smirked right after.

"Hey, we put on a show for them, don't worry," Tim reassures him.  

"Perhaps we can close them and enjoy more fun together?" Layla suggested, feeling electrified and ready for more.

"That sounds like une bonne ideé." ("Sounds like a good idea.")

Quebec City was the best vacation Layla ever had.

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An Unexpected Affair
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