A Perfect Morning

Idle Dreams of a Submissive

She rolled over and tried to rub the sleep from her eyes trying to make sense of the numbers on the clock feeling that slight edge of panic that she had overslept.  Her head cleared enough to realize that she woke early instead of late and had some extra time to play or give into the desire to sleep more instead.  As she battled and was ready to succumb for a few extra minutes his had reached across the bed searching for her in his sleep.  God she loved how he always reached for her.  She decided it was worth indulging in her extra time rather than snoozing through.  Slowly she inched her way down under the covers sliding between his legs the covers tented with his morning wood.  This was her favorite time of day where she got to play with him as she wished.  Taking her time to enjoy his scent, the way he felt on her tongue, indulging in all her senses.  She licked up his shaft and swirled her way around the head pressing against his frenulum, and up across the top, searching for a bit of precum.  She quickly licked down and around the shaft coating the length so she could easily begin to suck his length when she was ready.  But first she wanted to suck just on the head to suckle and play with her tongue, licking it like a lollipop, taking her time.  

She spread her legs a bit and   slipped a finger into her soft folds.  Sliding down her slit to gather the wetness seeping between them nestling against her clit, catching it with her nail pressing up and flicking, teasing herself, as she began to work her way down his shaft.  Bucking slightly into her ministrations as she worked her way slowly down his length.  Moaning slightly, edging herself closer, sliding part way down his shaft and then back to lick and suck and twirl then going slightly farther down, feeling his head start to press into her throat, pulling back up and teasing, before repeating it all over again.  She was lost in her play, pleasuring herself, enjoying the feeling of his cock pressing further into her mouth.  She felt her orgasm overtake her and stopped working on his cock holding him partway in her mouth as she concentrated on her pussy speeding up her fingers, bucking, letting the sensations rise moaning around him.  Suddenly she felt his hand twining into her hair at the nape of her neck.  As he pulled pulled her mouth off his cock and tugged upward so that she'd slide up his body he chuckled slightly, "lose yourself this morning, slut?"  

She bit her lip as she straddled him.  "Sorry Daddy I was just having so much fun I got carried away."  

He laughed, "You are a greedy girl aren't you?"

"Yes Daddy.  We have extra time, can we fuck Daddy, please? I'm so wet and horny right now, please fuck me."  He slid his hands down her back reached between her legs and lifted her up settling her on his cock.  She slid slowly down savoring how he filled her indulging in a moment before she began bucking.  He twisted and pulled on her nipples making her pussy clench and causing her to cum.  He'd suck and bite on one nipple while pulling back on her hair at the nape of her neck forcing her to arch further into his ministrations.  With no warning he let go of her nipple and gave her tit a sharp slap.  She stopped bucking and started grinding trying to force him as deeply into her as she could while she came, her pussy clamping down, fireworks shooting in her head.  She felt his hand wrap around her throat.  So many sensations all at once her body wanting to go limp trying to buck, micro orgasms trembling at any movement the slightest sensation.  He let her finish.  Slowly running his hands along her sides, down her back, letting her press her body against his and snuggle into him.  Calming her.  Letting her collect herself.  Then he smacked her ass.  "Alright up."  She let out a throaty laugh and slid off him and onto all fours he slid into her from behind fucking her hard and fast, balls slapping against her cunt.  Bodies banging loudly, as she moaned and cried out.  His hands dug into her hips driving her onto him.  She felt his cock twitch and with that final perfect thrust she felt him spurt into her she sank into the bed him heavy on top of her.  Drenched in sweat hair everywhere she sighed and snuggled into the bed.  Just as the alarm started to go off.   

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A Perfect Morning
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