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A Modern Love Story Pt. 2

A True Story About My Life

Go to Part 1 before reading this section.

WARNING ***This section has NSFW content. Read at your own risk.***

June 24, 2016

Vincent was busy at work but he got off early and we decided to video chat for a while before he went to sleep. It was around 1 AM where he was in Boston (different time zones by one hour) and he seemed pretty tired. Our conversation flowed as usual and I decided to just stop the game and say how I really felt.

I said, “Okay, I had an amazing time on Monday. I want something like that to happen again.”

He replied with the same longing.

I then said, “I just have to let the cat out of the bag and say, I’m kind of in love with you.”

I don’t know if it was his face or the actual screen that froze. I said the same again.

He said, “Well, I’m really in love with you. I didn’t know I was going to fall for you this badly.”

I felt the exact same way. We both kind of giggled about it. Being in love is both the most fun experience and the hardest. Especially when you can’t see the person you’re in love with. He told me he would be able to see me again on the fifth of August and I was very excited. I started a countdown on my phone and began wondering what would happen.

Sometime in Late June/Early July

I got four texts from Vincent! I hadn’t heard from him for a few days and was ecstatic to hear something. He asked me when I was back from France and how I was doing. I told him the 20th of July and said all was well. I how he was and why he wanted to know what day I got back.

The next day, he unloaded all the bad news from the US. Because I was in France, I hadn't heard most of it. Shootings, hangings, police brutality… I couldn’t stand to hear all that terrible news. He said he might have something that could cheer me up. I needed anything to get my mind off of the terrible things so I asked him what it was.

"I have a day off and I'm coming back to the Twin Cities for just one day. I don't want to spend that day with anyone else except for you, Jane. I won't be telling anyone else I'll be home so it can just be the two of us."

He told me he could rent us a hotel room and invite me over to swim and relax with him. I was completely ecstatic but I knew I would have to keep it a secret from my parents. They would never allow me to stay with him like that especially since we had only just met. I decided to not tell anyone about the offer and continue to think about it.

July 20 and the Days Leading up to the 26th

I finally get to the airport and I’m home from my travels. I have a list of things I need to do before I see him. These next few days will be hell if I don’t stay busy. I’m in a show, Alice in Wonderland. I have rehearsals to keep me occupied.

Every waking moment and even in my dreams, I think about seeing him again. I send him a long list of questions about where, when, what and so on. He responds while I’m asleep and I read his answers when I awaken. His flight lands at 2:05 on Tuesday the 26th. He wants me to bring a swimsuit and an HDMI cable so we can watch his favorite show (Avatar: the Last Airbender) together.

He wants me to spend the night with him in the hotel if I’m comfortable. I have no idea if I’m comfortable with that or not. I tell him I will (assuming nothing goes wrong) and pack an overnight bag. I tell my parents I have a birthday party that is also a slumber party and they believe me fully and expect me to be back some time on Wednesday. My bag is packed and I can barely sleep the night before I see him.

July 26

I awake fairly early and force myself to sleep a little while longer. I finish packing and tell myself to not start getting ready until noon. I shower and put my swimsuit on underneath my clothes assuming that we will be swimming as soon as we get to the hotel.

I load everything into my car, head to my sister's house to pick up the HDMI cable and then begin my journey to the airport. It takes a while to get there and I don't even know where I’m picking him up. I call him because he texted me while I was driving. He explained that he was at the first terminal at the pick up location. I would see him in only five minutes.

My heart began racing and I felt a sensation somewhat like being at the top of a roller coaster. My stomach was floating and I couldn’t stop smiling.

I pull up to the airport and search for him. I don’t see him so I again call his phone. He picks up and asks where I am. I describe where I am and he says he will be there soon and hangs up the phone. I sit and read Eragon for a few minutes (a book he had recommended) and then see him walking up to my car.

I beam as he opens the door to my car and sets his things into my car. He sits in the passenger seat and we exchange hellos and several awkward glances. I tell him he should drive to the hotel because he knows the roads better. I get out of the car and we meet in the front of my car. He grabs me and whispers, “I missed you.” I hug him close to me remembering all the times I had envisioned this moment before.

He lightly takes my hand, leading me to my side of the car and then kisses it lightly before letting it go and opening the driver side door. I get in and sit cross legged. He gets in, adjusts the mirrors and takes a deep breath before taking the car out of park and beginning to drive us to the hotel.

While driving, we update each other on our lives. He tells me all about work and I tell him about France. We make it to the hotel in about half an hour and he turns off the car. I ask, “Can I just look at you for a second?” He nods and smiles. I look him up and down from his feet to his handsome face. I place my hand on his neck and look longingly from his lips to his eyes. He meets my gaze and I ask quietly, “Can I kiss you again?”

He leans in and says, “Does this answer your question?”

He lightly places a kiss on my lips and I hold his neck so our lips stay pressed for a while. We pull away and both smile.

I hop out of my car and grab my things. He does the same and we make our way to the doors of the hotel. We walk up to the main desk and I silently test him. If I’m going to really like this guy, he has to be polite to the workers, polite to me, and patient.

He asks nicely for the room and I quietly hear the man at the front desk say, “Ok, Mr. Rowe. You have the jacuzzi suite correct?” my heart completely jumps out of my chest and I stifle a huge laugh. I run away from the front desk and stand in the corner. I found a chair and curled up with my book for a couple minutes.

I didn’t even notice he had sat in the chair next to me. He asked at what part of the book I was at and I explained it. He told me to keep reading because they were cleaning the room and we had a few minutes. I did as he said and then broke from the trance of the book when he tapped my arm to have us go up to the room.

I followed him through the twist of hallways with my arms wrapped around my large book. I was slightly skipping and following along. He told me he had a surprise and I raised my eyebrows in surprise. He chuckled at me and we entered a small elevator. We emerged on the second floor and went through a few more hallways before stopping at one of the rooms on the end of the hall.

He opened the door with the key card and opened it slowly as if expecting someone to be inside. I asked, “What are you doing?” while shooting him a confused look. He said he didn’t know and I easily pushed past him into the room. I flipped on the light switches on the wall and glared at the spacious room. A large reclining couch to the right with a small table beside it, two flat screen TVs, a king sized bed that was very high off the ground on the left and when I walked a bit further into the room, I turned around to see a large bath with jets inside and mirrors surrounding it. When he saw my wide eyes he said, “Surprise!” I hugged him again after setting my things down and he held me in his large gentle arms. I let go of him and sat on the couch. He plopped down next to me and sat very close.

I leaned my head on his chest and cuddled up to his side. He let out a large sigh and I knew he felt the same way as I did. Relaxed, at home, at peace with the person I love. He put his arm around me and I had an idea. I asked, “Does this thing recline?” and found a small latch on the side. The answer to that question was yes. I recline the chair and put my feet up with a sigh. He was sitting in the middle of the couch so he couldn’t recline his part. I scooted way over so he could put his feet up too and he came all he way over and thanked me for being such a “kind young lady.”

He lightly placed his arm around me and we resumed our past position of my head laying on his chest. I had an idea for a different position and he listened. We both lay on the couch and I put his head on my shoulder and I put mine on his. Our heads were side by side but our feet were on opposite sides of the couch. He complimented the "cushiness" of my chest and chuckled lightly.

I giggled and easily kissed him on the cheek. He groaned a bit and asked, “Can I take a nap?” 

I responded, “Of course! You came back to relax and take a load off! Do what you want!” He smiled and lightly kissed my cheek before rising from the chair. I rustled through my bag and then found the saline solution I had brought for us to use. I had worn my contacts thinking we were going swimming right off the bat but I guessed we would later. I tossed it to him and he thanked me. We quickly and easily took out our contacts and then went over to the king sized bed. I belly flopped onto it and let out a big sigh. He chuckled and followed suit landing close next to me. I asked how long he wanted to sleep so I could set an alarm.

He responded 20 minutes and I set it quickly before laying back with him. We kissed as much as we wanted without fear and we rested together. He kissed me and placed a hand on my neck. He pulled away and looked me deeply in the eyes before saying, “Jane, I love you.” Before I could reciprocate those feelings, our lips were pressed again and we hugged each other closely.

He kissed my neck and we made out with each other. We barely let our lips separate because we knew this would be all we could do for a long time. We touched and held each other and everything seemed natural. There wasn’t one moment where things didn’t feel like they were meant to be. I try to tell him that he should go to sleep because he is supposed to be sleeping. That's kinda of what happens when someone takes a nap.

He continued to kiss me and hold me close. I kiss him back and am slightly relieved that he stays awake and kisses me instead of dozing off. He holds my face in his hands and after pulling away from a kiss he says lightly, “Jane, I love you so much.” 

A rush goes through my whole body and I hold him close to me and whispered back, “I love you too Vincent.”

We stay hugged close to each other for awhile and finally break away to look into each other's eyes again. I kiss him again and turn away from him so I can press the back of my body on his chest. He puts his arm around my waist and holds me against him and whispers in my ear, “This is exactly what I needed. I can feel my stress melting away when I'm with you.”

Another rush went through my body and a feelings of belonging swept over me. I looked back at him and said, “I feel the same way, Vincent. I don’t know how to say this without sounding really cliche. You’re kinda like my prince charming.”

He lightly kissed my lips and said, “I don’t know how to describe you, Jane.”

He looked at me longingly for a few moments then said, “I know.”

He placed his hands on my face, leaned in close and whispered, “Jane, you’re my little rollie pollie.”

I let go of where I had been holding his waist and stood up trying to hold back a laugh. I said, “Nope, I’m done. I’m leaving. Packing my stuff.”

I walked over to where my bag had been placed with things falling out onto the couch.

From the bed he called, “No! No! I was just joking come baaaaack.”

I weigh the options in my head and slowly walk back to the bed where he sits with a pout on his face.I walk over slowly and climb on the bed before straddling him and lightly placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Alright, I’ll stay.”

He hugs me closely and says “I’m glad.” he wraps his arms and legs around me and holds me close again.

We began kissing again and I felt myself completely in his control. I let him take control and place his hands where he saw fit and wherever they roamed, I would feel a shiver follow them. I had a crazy idea and I asked his opinion on it.

“Wanna play truth or dare?”

“Sure. you gonna ask first?”

“Yeah, truth or dare.”

He continued to lightly kiss me and grab my waist. I was still straddled over him and his eyes told me “I love you” whenever I would see them looking back at me.

He whispered, “dare.” I whispered back, “I dare you to take off your shirt.” His eyebrows raised in surprise and I got off of him so I could help him get it off. We both giggled as we pulled it off of him and then he asked, “Truth or dare?”

I think for a moment and confidently say, “dare.”

He pulls me in for one more kiss and says, “I dare you to take your shirt off.” He smirks at me but little does he know, I’m wearing my swimsuit underneath my clothes. I lift my shirt to reveal my cute bikini top and say, “Ha, swimsuit.” He grabs my waist, now on the exposed skin and kisses me again, even more passionately. I grab at his back and I feel my body becoming engulfed with goosebumps. His lips easily and slowly make their way down to my neck and I hold his head and one of his shoulders.

My breathing quickens as he continues to kiss my neck and lightly run his fingers down my back. We held each other close, our newly found skin pressing against each other and he asks me a bit out of breath, “Do you wanna go in the hot tub?” 

I had almost forgotten that he splurged on the huge tub in the corner and I said, “Sure why not?” We stood up, I adjusted my now sliding down bikini top and follow him over to the tub where he begins the flow of water from the hot water spout.

I put my fingers in and pull them away quickly. A bit too hot for my liking. I ask, “Wanna see how good I am at hiding things?” He shook his head with a confused expression on his face and I drop my shorts revealing a full swim skirt that I conveniently tucked into my shorts so it was completely invisible. He walked over to me and placed his arms around me in another embracing hug. I felt the warmth of his chest press against me and I held him closely knowing that I wouldn’t see him again for at least a month. He parted from my arms and said he would change in the bathroom and told me in a stern voice, “No peeking!”

I reply in a sing songy voice, “No promises!” He chuckled before closing the door. I checked on the water while he was changing (of course I didn’t actually peek on him!) and by the time he got back out, the tub was barely even a quarter filled. We decided to kiss some more and just be close while the water was rising. I led his hands to my butt where he lightly squeezed while kissing me again. I’m glad I was this comfortable with him. I giggled a bit and held him close.

His hands pressed against my exposed back and I let my fingertips run up and down his muscular back. We lightly put small portions of our hands into the water to test it. I pulled my hand back instantly feeling the heat of the the steaming water. He giggled but then pulled his hand away too turning the cold water faucet on with a flick. We let the water run and chatted about what we would do after we got out of the water. Go get some food, watch some Avatar, cuddle a little. I loved all the plans.

The water was finally where we wanted it. I stepped in and it was still a bit too hot but I let my skin adjust to the steaming water and he climbed in next to me. It had always been a fantasy of both of ours to be in a hot tub or swimming pool with a significant other. I guess it was coming true tonight. We made out barely letting our lips part. I moved to his neck then to his ear causing him to sigh in pleasure the way he always does. He looked me in the eyes and I smiled. I asked, “What does this magic button do?” I pressed the white button on the side of the pool causing jets to blow the water and cause a symphony of bubbles around us. It was quite loud but I didn’t really care. I only jumped when part of my swim skirt got caught in the jet and made a terrible noise.

I pulled it out which forced me to sit closer to him (no complaint here). He gave me a worried look and I played it off as if nothing had happened. I kissed him again and soon enough I was too hot to be in the bath anymore. He got out first being sure to place a towel down before stepping out. I let him hold my arm as he stepped out then he offered me his hand for my exit. He smiled and tugged my hand right on the last step so I got pressed against his chest.

He let his hand rest on my lower back and the other one on my neck and our lips met again. He rushed to get a towel and threw me the one he hadn’t used. He went to the bathroom again to change back. I began changing by the couch and let my swimsuit fall off of me easily. I picked up the towel I had brought and just in time. He peeked his head out of the bathroom and said, “Hey Jane,” in a questioning voice. 

Slightly shocked, I held the towel to myself and turned to him saying, “Yeah?” 

He simply giggled a bit and said, “Nothing.” I rolled my eyes at him and laughed again as he closed the door.

I quickly finished putting my clothes on and then went over to the door to knock and give him the ok. I opened the door slowly after he had said come in and peeked my head in. He widened his eyes at me and laughed again. I simply don’t know how or why I amuse him so much.

I asked, “Where do you wanna eat mister?”

He tilted his head, looked up at the ceiling and narrowed his eyes. The classic “let me think about that” face.

I kiss the lips he’s trying not to let smile and say, “Seriously weirdo, where should we go?”

He pulled out his phone and said, “Why don’t we just take a look?”

We sat on the couch and put our shoes on while figuring it out. We decided on Chipotle and he said, “Hey, we can catch some Pokemon on the way!” I jumped up and down with glee and he hugged me tightly. We walk out the door expecting to drive but then see the restaurant just across the street. We walk around for a while catching Pokemon and talking. We get food, head back to the hotel, get a few drinks for him out of a vending machine, and make out way back up to the room. We get there, open the bag and realize we forgot forks.

We head back to the main desk and wait in an obnoxiously long line just to get a fork. I kissed him on the cheek while waiting and he kissed my forehead as a response. I love how he always knows what to do to give me butterflies. We got a fork and headed back to the room. We sat at the small table in the corner, set up our food, and tried to figure out how to use the TV to set up Avatar on it. He messed with it for a while and without him noticing, I simply got out my phone and typed in a link that I knew had Avatar on it.

He didn’t notice until the opening began and he was so surprised at my problem solving skills. I laughed at his face (jaw dropped, eyes wide) and I stuck my tongue out at him.

He asked, “Can you send that link to me? I think my phone is bigger.”

I sent him the link and we got it set up and began watching. He has got to be the slowest eater on the planet, I swear. We watched 2 episodes by the time I was finished eating and we had watched 4 by the time he got full. A large burp escaped his lips and he coughed and sputtered out, “oh my gosh. I’m so sorry…” I simply laughed and said, “You’re fine haha. I only give it a 4.” he looked at me with a puzzled look and I simply giggled and stood up.

I grabbed my toothbrush and headed to the bathroom to freshen up. He followed suit and grabbed his brush. I let him use some toothpaste and began brushing away happily. He finished brushing, put his brush down and hugged my waist from behind. I continued brushing as he leaned down to kiss my neck and my cheek while hugging me tightly. I giggled and held on to the arms that made me feel so safe. I finished brushing, rinsed my mouth and turned around to give him a proper hug and kiss him lightly on the cheek.

I grabbed my bag and placed my toothbrush in it and shooed him out of the room so I could change into my pjs. I put on my tight tank top, short shorts, blue bra, and Pikachu hoodie (to hide my new outfit) and came out of the bathroom with the hood up to make myself look like pika.

I saw him lying on the bed and so I walked over, climbed onto the tall bed and straddled him. He placed his hands on my hips and laughed at the faces I was making as Pikachu. I had asked to bring the phone and continue watching Avatar on the bed but now, we had each other in our sights and we didn’t want anything getting in the way. We kissed passionately and I tried to remember my life before meeting him. I couldn't.

I got very hot very quickly in that sweatshirt so I took it off and was left in my tank top and skimpy short shorts. He looked me up and down and complimented my figure. I thanked him and then he stroked my very soft and smooth skin. He always loves my skin and talks about it when we are together. I asked him, “Can we keep playing truth or dare?” 

He kissed my nose and said, “Sure, your turn to ask me.” I asked him and his response was dare.

I thought back to one of our conversations where I had brought up a game I had always wanted to play. “I dare you to play too hot with me.” He asked me to explain the rules again and I did. “We kiss and only our lips can touch, we can’t touch with our hands. We continue kissing until one of us grabs the other and becomes the loser. The winner does whatever they want to the loser.” 

His eyebrows raised and he said, “Yeah, let's play.” I was afraid I would lose right off the bat but It took awhile for my hands to grab his neck and pull him closer.

He said, “I think it’s only fair if we both do what we were thinking instead of just me if that’s ok.” 

I agreed and said, “Good I was hoping to anyways!” He laughed and told me to lay on my stomach and close my eyes. I did as asked and he began lightly kissing all over the exposed skin on my back. He lightly runs his hands everywhere on my back and kisses my neck and moves to my ear.

My back arches and I feel shivers down my spine. I squirm a bit and he says, “You’re very sensitive aren’t you?” I can’t respond other than a sigh of hot breath and he chuckles at my immense comfort. He lightly lifts my tank top and bit and kisses all down my back. I feel more shivers and I gasp for breath as he moves all the way down my back to my butt and then past to my legs.

He kisses almost every inch of my skin and I feel my heart rate increasing. He lightly spread me legs apart just a tiny bit and let his finger brush my most sensitive area. I gasped and allowed him to keep moving over my body. He kissed back up to my neck and to my ear and then to my lips where I breathlessly kissed him back. He pulled away from our kiss and I slowly opened my eyes to see him staring back at me. His eyes almost asked me, “Was that ok?” 

Then his lips asked me, “How was that?” 

I answered, “Good. Actually, amazing.” I was still a bit out of breath but had enough energy to push him down on the bed on his back and take my turn with him.

I tell him to close his eyes and not to peek. He closes his eyes and I slowly keep my lips just centimeters away from his letting him struggle a bit before bypassing his lips completely and going right to his neck then up to his ear. He becomes putty in my hands as I continue to kiss and suck on his ear. His sighs and slight gasps reassure me that I’m doing the right things. I lifted his shirt off and told him to keep his eyes closed. He did as asked and I lightly kissed from his ear down his neck, slowly across his stomach and then right along the line of his pants.

He sighed and gasped as I slowly slip his pants down just a tiny but to reveal part of his hip bone which I kissed and ran my fingertips across. His face spoke pure pleasure and I lightly whispered, “Is it ok if I touch you there?” He nodded his head and so I continued kissing up his chest to his lips and gripped the now large bulge that had formed. He sighed and put his hand on my waist. I straddled him once more and removed my hand in the process.

I began grinding against him and I have no idea what compelled me to do this but his hands flew to my waist and gripped me lightly. We pull away and I can see the passion burning in his eyes. He pushes me down on the bed with my hands above my head and lightly lets his lips drag across mine but never really kissing me. I try to kiss him but he keeps my hands pinned down. Whenever I pull my head up to kiss his lips, he pulls back and he laughs at my struggle.

He holds my arms firmly but never firm enough to hurt me. I continue to struggle and he begins to slightly mock me.

“I can hear in your head. You’re screaming, ‘Just kiss me already. Please’ But you’re gonna have to work for that Jane.”

“Oh am I?”

He nods his head lightly. I cease my struggle and feel for the point that his hands loosen their grip as he continues to tease me. Quick as a flash, I release my hands from his grip and grab his face to pull him closer. Our kisses are long and he lets his tongue slowly swirl with mine which sends blood flowing to strange places on my body. His body relaxes and he allows himself to get swept up in our kisses.

He asks after pulling away from a long kiss, “Do you trust me?” 

I say, “Of course I do. You know that.” 

He says, “Alright but feel free to stop me at any time ok?” I shook my head but shot him a confused glance. He slowly lifts off my tank top and kisses around the now exposed skin on my chest and breast area. My bra still holds strong until he moves it slowly to the slide and slowly kisses and swirls his tongue around my nipple. He grips my breast lightly, his hand the perfect size to hold the whole thing comfortably.

He continued, looking up at me every so often to get head nods from me. My head tosses back as he lightly squeezes with his lips and my hand flies to his head where I massage it as reassurance that he is doing a great job. He moved to the other side and I couldn’t help but let a small moan escape my lips.

'I am in love with this man,' I said in my head, 'and nothing else matters right now.'

He slowly moved the fabric back over my breasts and I let out a heavy sigh before his lips pressed tenderly against mine again. I let out a sigh and hugged him tightly. We continued kissing until he had to pull away to burp. He was very apologetic but I simply giggled and waited for him to compose himself a bit. We continued like this a few hours before deciding to turn in for the night around 2 AM.

We turned off the lights, got snuggled in, and he confessed, “Um, I can't really sleep in anything but boxers… And sometimes if I'm sleeping next to another person, I’ll kind of attack them with kisses, just to warn you.”

I giggled again and told him both of those things were fine. I let him slide off his shorts and get curled up against me. His body was so perfect and I felt a longing to keep kissing him even though he seemed to be drifting between sleep and consciousness. He kissed me lightly, then grabbed my butt and back and pulled me to him.

Our kissing sped up and I slowly whispered, “I’m having trouble not kissing down your chest to somewhere else…” He looked at me with a slightly confused look and I decided, I’m so in love with him and I know he feels the same. So, why not? I lightly kissed his lips again and let my lips trail down his chest and then along the line of his boxers. I tugged at them and easily removed them. I asked slowly, “Is this ok?” but I already knew his answer. He nodded but instead of just letting me start, he took my shoulder and pulled me again to kiss his lips.

He was so gentle and perfect. I kissed back down and began slowly, making him want more. I sped up and I heard him begin to say things a bit under his breath such as, “Oh my God” and “holy shit.” I took these as good signs and continued. He didn’t end up finishing because he kept grabbing my shoulders and kissing me.

I whispered in his ear right before kissing it, “For an Agnostic boy, you sure do talk to God a lot.” 

He let out a breathy laugh and said, “That’s because you’re amazing.” I giggled a bit and then curled up before falling asleep. I awoke to see the clock say 3:40. I hadn’t even been asleep for 2 hours. The hot weight of his arm on my back made me feel safe but also made me sweat. I picked it up and pushed him over. He snored a bit even though he told me he didn’t. I lay there, watching him peacefully sleep. I kissed his forehead and he turned the other way so he was facing away from me. I went to the bathroom, washed my hands and returned to the bed. His snoring made sleep almost impossible. The clock read 4:30 by the time I slipped back to sleep. I woke on my back with his arm around my stomach. It was heavy but felt right. I kissed his forehead lightly and whispered, “I love you.” He attacked my shoulder with kisses and rubbed his face there much like a cat. He jaw cracked and popped as his teeth ground together.

I guess he grinds his teeth while he sleeps I thought to myself. I giggled at the thought and took his arm off of me. Even though it felt right, It was still so hot. I looked at the clock. 6:20. I shouldn’t even wake up for more than a few hours. I took another trip to the bathroom, then walked to the windows with the shades drawn after grabbing my glasses from the bedside table. I opened the shades to see a slight patio area still inside the hotel. A strike of cold from the vent beneath my feet shot through me and I bolted back to the bed. I tried to slowly take the covers up without waking him but the were so tucked into the bed that he began to wake and rub his eyes.

He saw my struggle and helped me take the sheets from the bed. I climbed under them and he kissed me on the forehead before we both drifted back to sleep. I awake again. 8:10. I cuddled under the covers to see that he had joined me under them. I cuddles onto his chest and his arm went around my waist. A large in and exhale from him alerted me to his state of consciousness and I kissed his chest as a way to say good morning. He hugged me then proceeded to let go so he could stretch. I stretched as well and said a verbal good morning. He responded with the same and hugged me close to him. I lay in his arms feeling warm and happy (and very tired) and he tried to give me a good morning kiss on the lips.

I covered my mouth and said, "Nope, morning breath."

He laughed at me as I hid my bed head as well. I jumped up and got my toothbrush. He followed me slowly, yawning on the way. I told him he wasn’t allowed to be tired because he slept through the night and kept me awake with snoring. He apologized sincerely and I just giggled at him and said it was fine. I kissed him on the cheek and went back to the bed. He came back to the bed and with the same passion as the night before, his lips met mine in a joyous symphony.

He rolled over so he was over me and I wrapped my legs around him. I could feel something pressed against me and knew it was the well known phenomena of morning wood. I laughed at him and lightly grabbed at it. He easily took hold of one of my breasts and I gasped then shuddered as shivers went down my spine. He ever so slowly kissed down my chest and to my stomach. He came back to my lips again and asked in a whisper again, just like he had the night before, “Do you trust me?” 

I think I knew what was going to happen and I was thrilled yet worried. I had never had that done to me before but I easily said, “Of course I trust you.” He moved down again and started to slip off my shorts. He glanced up at me to see if my expression had changed. It hadn’t so he continued to take off the shorts then the underwear that was practically soaked.

He came back up to my lips and kissed me lightly and slowly began to slip one finger inside of me. I knew what that felt like, I had that before but what happened next was a new experience. He moved his lips back down to my stomach and then easily kissed all the way down. His tongue was amazing as it explored the most sensitive area on my body. I simply held his hair and didn’t try to keep the noises in. He placed one hand around my leg and rested his other hand on my waist. I placed one hand in his hair and massaged his head while he caressed every inch with his tongue. He began kissing back up to my lips and I released my breath. I had no idea he would do that. I asked him, “Truth or dare?” He asked am I allowed to pick?” 

I said, “No, truth.”

He giggled at me and I asked, “Have you ever taken someone's virginity before?” He shook his head no and I sighed. He said, “I might at some point but I’m not planning on it.” I kissed his lips and when they parted I said, “I think I know who I’ll lose mine to.” He smiled and kissed me again. I put my shorts back on and he got up to go to the bathroom. While gone, I easily slipped off my tank top and hid it under the bedside table. With his eyesight, he would never be able to see it. I hid my body under the covers and waited his return. He joined me under the covers and was pleasantly surprised by my bare skin. He grabbed at me and kissed me more. We talked and laughed and passed away the hours. 10 o’clock rolled around and we had to check out. He said, “Just wait, don't get dressed quite yet.” He picked up the phone, called down to the front desk and told them that we had just woken up and asked if there was a late checkout time. We could stay till 11 and he agreed.

He came back to the bed, and landed right next to me. We began kissing almost immediately but then there was a knock on the door. I hid under the covers of the bed while he got up (only in his underwear) to answer the door. It was a man from the front desk saying we needed to check out. Vincent explained and the man left. I stayed hidden until he came over and dug me out of the covers. He laughed at how afraid I was and kissed my forehead.

The hours were slipping away and we didn’t know what to do about it. We put our clothes on and began packing our things. We threw on our glasses and headed out the door to the main desk. We took the elevator the same way we had the day before and checked out. We found a spot to get breakfast on his phone and typed in the address. He drove while I took a little nap and then he woke me when we got there. We went to the back seat, curled up and both took a short nap. Well, he took a nap and I stayed awake because of his snoring again. He was so cute while he was sleeping. I woke him up 20 minutes later and told him we should go in and get some food. He agreed, rubbed his eyes, and I followed him out of the car.

We got inside, got a table and began looking at the menu. I got a grilled cheese and he got a breakfast skillet. We talked about our time apart and he told me lots of stories. I listened intently and barely noticed when the waitress came to the table with our food. We ate happily and continued talking while keeping a close eye on the time. He had to be back at the airport by 2 so we ate, talked, and then went back to the car.

It was pouring rain outside so we ran to the car and hid inside. We watched a few more episodes of avatar then hugged and kissed a few more times before heading back to the airport. The traffic took a while because of all the rain and people were stopped in the street. We made it to the airport, said our goodbyes, and he was gone. I drove home feeling empty but having no tears to cry. I knew I would see him again and hear from him soon right?

August 5

This is the day we were supposed to spend time together before we had planned the night at the hotel. I assumed I would hear from him before he went to the war exercise with the army. I was sure of it. But alas, nothing. I got no text, no call, nothing. I’m guessing he forgot or was simply too busy but he had told me he would make time for me. Guess I’ll figure it out.

August 7

I broke down and texted him asking how he was doing even though my therapist told me not to. He didn’t look, he didn’t respond, and I’ left feeling empty and neglected.

August 21

I start school tomorrow and just found out that his phone broke while at the war exercise! He wasn’t ignoring me!

August 26

He is supposed to be back today! I’m hoping to hear from him soon!

September 5

I just got off the phone with him. He actually picked up and we talked for a few minutes. We talked more like long lost friends than lovers and I felt discouraged. I sent him a long text message that night and here is what it said.

“I know you're recording right now but as soon as you read this, I would like you to think before responding. I got pretty worried when I didn't hear from you (not just thinking something bad happened but also thinking that I did something that would make you not wanna talk anymore) and I know you're busy. Everyone's busy. People make time for what's important to them. I'm not telling you that you need to do anything (there is always a decision) but I am asking that you at least tell me if you're not going to make time for me. What we said in that hotel room might've just been intense feelings and I totally understand that but I don't want to get my hopes up if you truly don't want to make time for me or simply don't have the same feelings anymore. I also want to talk about what happened that night... There were some pretty crazy occurrences and more than a few firsts for me. I just want to reflect and see if there is anything that will happen in the future or if it was a one time thing. Again, you don't need to respond right this second. I'd prefer if we could talk about it... And I really really don't mean to seem bitchy about this. I am not trying to force anything on to you in any way and I hope you don't feel I am. Alright. Hope to hear from you. Bye…”

I had told him my feelings and now it was more waiting. I knew that if he didn’t text back, it was over.

To be continued.....

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