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A Funny Story When Becoming Sexually Active

When will they learn?

The story and lesson I will be writing about is true, but names will be changed to protect one's identification.

I remember one day one of my friends came over, and she is very young, which I would say close to 13 years old. We talk about a lot of things and sometimes I try to help her with life since I am older than her and experienced some of the things she is going through. Out of nowhere she asked me if I ever caught anybody having sex or saw anyone. Honestly, I was surprised when she asked me a personal and traumatic question for her only being that age, but later, she would be experiencing this type of stuff. I told her the truth—that I have caught someone in my past and it was gross, but people do not know if they will be seen or not.

She continued to bring it up here and there and I told her just to let it out, whatever had happened to her. She quickly turned to me and said, "Well I caught my brother and his girlfriend doing it in my mom's room when I was going to tell them to come in and eat." I looked at her with my eyes widened and started to laugh and she told me she was trying to not laugh when she caught them. She asked if I wanted to know what else happened, but before I could answer her question, she continued anyways.

This is what she had told me...

"I was making something to eat because everyone was hungry and I saw my brother and his girlfriend go in the back room together, but I didn't think nothing gross about it, that they were only going to watch Netflix. After a while, I heard something fall and I didn't bother because it was in the room they were in. I was almost done cooking so I started getting some plates and forks out to start serving everyone, which there was only the four of us there and my little sister was in the living room watching TV. I turned off the stove and was walking to my mom's room to get James and Moe. I opened the door and was about to say eat until I saw Moe jump off James with her pants down passed her knees and James covered himself. Moe jumped off the bed, still with her pants past her knees, and fell inside the laundry basket. The laundry basket is tall and her little body fell in it and she tried to cover herself along with putting her head down because I think she was embarrassed that I saw her kind of naked. James told me to get out and I hurried up and closed the door and started walking down the hallway trying not to laugh. I hurried up, ate, came over, and now here I am telling you what happened."

The whole time that I was listening to her tell me was the funniest thing that I ever heard a 13-year-old girl say, but at the same time, seemed traumatizing for her. I was trying to not smile or laugh, but it had me going inside. After she was done talking, we looked at each other and started laughing because of the way she felt about it. I told her the truth about how she can feel about it. I told her....

"Well, since you saw the most traumatic experience in your life at a young age, you can either choose to forget it or tell you brother that he needs to lock the door next time. You don't need to feel awkward about it unless it is killing you. You can talk to your brother, which can also be awkward, but can be a sense of closure. You can also joke about it to yourself and leave it as it is because right now, you seem alright to laugh about it."

She understood what I said and just joked about it and taught her brother a lesson about having sex when his siblings are there. Knowing him, he won't listen and will still keep doing it, so who knows. There are more stories to come. I would want to say, if you're going to have sex, make sure there is no one home, you are in a room that has a door that can lock, or just don't do it, because no one can control what you do, only you can. Think about your surroundings before doing it because the people who are around can hold that against you or laugh at you for the rest of your life. Mostly with teenagers. I know that we are the type of people that are really horny when being young, but plan ahead.

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A Funny Story When Becoming Sexually Active
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