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A Day in the Wife (Pt. 2)

Work won't be so bad today, will it?

Aurora was hurrying down the steps of her apartment building as fast as she could in her heels. With each step, her butt plug felt deeper and better. When she reached the last step, she had to pause for a moment and catch her breath. It wasn’t the three flights of stairs that caused her to stop, as she was very athletic. The pleasure of her toy was making her wet again. Her knees were knocking and she could feel her juices starting to drip. Luckily, she had an extra pair of panties in her purse for just such an occasion. Regaining composure, she finally made it to her car. The ecstasy from her anal pleasure multiplied when she sat down. Never before has she appreciated her seat warmers so much.

Her ass wiggled and grinded almost involuntarily as she made her commute to the office. The bass from the radio vibrated the car and pulsed through her entire body. It wasn’t a long drive to work, but it was long enough to listen a few songs. The music player shuffled and chose a very memorable song to Aurora—the song that was playing when she had lost her virginity that previous week.

Flashbacks raced through her mind as her car rolled up to a traffic light, and the world around her disappeared as the chorus overtook her. The nervousness she felt, the excitement and passion returned. As cliché as it was, Jayden carrying her through the bedroom door and laying her down on their bed would be a memory she would revisit for the rest of her life. He was so gentle, yet so commanding that night.

The green light and the impatient drivers behind Aurora decided it was time to come back to reality and keep moving. Considering she was almost to work, it was probably a good time to come back down to earth. A part of that landing was remembering that she needed to change her panties that had been getting soaked the whole way there. She parked in a discreet spot, hopped into the back seat and disrobed from the waist down. As she dug through her purse for her underwear, she also found another treat left over from her bachelorette party—a pocket vibrator. It was cute, pink and had a surprisingly strong buzz for its size, and as luck would have it, the battery was still charged. There was no one else around. Her pants were already off. She was already 15 minutes late. The logic wrote itself.

With a click of the toy and a repeat of her deflowering anthem, Aurora made herself comfortable for a quick rendezvous with her memories. “This shouldn’t take long.” she convinced herself as she spread her legs. She moved the toy slowly around her clit and across her wet lips as it buzzed away. Her mind and her heart seemed to race each other, each one going faster and faster. She remembered the way Jayden reached up her wedding dress as she lay on the silk sheets. One minute. She remembered how he tore her pantyhose right at the crotch. Two minutes. Her nervous laughter, her barely covered ass cradled by his rough hands. Three minutes. Her hindquarters sticking up in the air, face down against the soft sheets as Jayden slowly but strongly rammed her from behind, following the rhythms of her quivering body. Four minutes. Four minutes and she was done.

Aurora was running out of time to get inside. If she was 30 minutes late, that was an instant writeup, and she was knocking on 20 minutes already. She wiped herself off and wrapped the vibrator in her love-soaked undies, shoving them into the center console. Her heart stopped as she dug through her purse. The panties were not in the bag. Left with really only one choice, she decided to go commando. Nothing but a thin layer of wool and a spritz of perfume would separate her dirty secrets from the rest of the world.

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A Day in the Wife (Pt. 2)
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