Morgan Burkett
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A Chance Encounter

Giving in to Desires

It all started with me having a bad day... I was looking through random Craigslist ads to try and improve my day. Maybe I'd get a laugh or even a decent lay...

I came across one of those "today only" kind of ads. (This was back before Craigslist took down the Personals section.)

The guy was about an hour away, but I messaged him and immediately got a response. I sent him a few raunchy photos and he liked them. He returned the favor, and when I saw his cock... I knew I would make that drive. I showered, lingering on my breasts and pussy before hopping out. I covered my skin in coconut oil to make it slick and soft, then I slipped into a tight skirt and low cut T-Shirt.

The guy was at work but we had agreed that the store would be empty and I was to pull around back and just walk in. I'll admit that I was a little nervous, but the temptation was too strong.

I walked inside and didn't see anyone. I didn't call out for him and just walked a little further in when I saw a door on my right slightly open with a light on.

I pushed the door open and saw him there sitting in a metal folding chair. He was wearing khakis and a polo... his massive cock was out and in his hand. I was instantly soaked from the view. He was younger than I thought, and better looking... and that cock immediately drew my eye. 

Even though the floor was concrete, I got on my knees, took his cock out of his hand and shoved it into my mouth. I took a couple long slow licks and let go before pulling off my shirt so I could feel my skin on his and rub my tits on his balls.

I went right back to stroking and sucking his massive cock. It filled my mouth and I was immediately dripping, wanting to feel it inside me. He was gasping and groaning... and in no time he burst... filling my hungry mouth with hot cum. I swallowed every drop and licked his cock clean.

Amazingly, he stayed hard! He had spread a blanket on the floor and laid back so I could ride him. I pulled my skirt up and straddled him and was riding him slowly, feeling him slide in and out and pushing my tits in his face. Suddenly he reached down and lifted my ass, and started slamming hard and fast into my pussy from beneath.

Totally unexpected and instantly started sending hot waves of deep pleasure up my spine. He wanted it hard and rough... I got off of him and got on all fours on the concrete. There was no A/C and the floor hurt my bones, but all I could think about was being fucked... hard and deep.

I laid my chest on the ground, put my ass in the air, and simply said...


He slid into my pussy, grabbed my waist and plowed into me. I tossed my hair back wishing he'd grab and pull it but he never did. Just held onto my hips and ass.

He pulled out and roughly rolled me onto my back before diving back into my soaking wet pussy. From that position with my legs wrapped around him, both of us, sweating... he made me cum. He came again shortly after, shooting thick ropes of cum deep inside my hungry, quivering pussy.

I got up, slid my skirt back down over my hips and ass... pulled my shirt back on, left my bra off and said, "Thanks," over my shoulder and walked out the door. 

I didn't even know his name until afterward when he texted me asking when we could do it again.

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A Chance Encounter
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