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7 Common Sex Myths Every Man Should Know

Know How to Get it Right from the Female Perspective!

It's common for men to approach sex from the male perspective... or from the porn perspective. Either way, that's going to get him into trouble. So, here's the female perspective of 7 common sex myths, to help keep males on the right track.

7 Common Sex Myths Every Man Should Know:

1. Body Odour Doesn't Matter to a Woman

Let's get clear here. Body odour doesn't matter to most men. However, for most women, it's a total turn-off due to the fact that many sexual positions take her up close and personal to your armpits. How would you like your nose being that close to them? Eugh.

If you think you're going to get lucky with a woman, dash to the bathroom, take a pee and wash under your arms with soap. Be sure not to use sprays or other smelly stuff as that will just mix with your B.O and make you smell worse. Just use soap and rinse off with water.

2. Women Will Go Down on Men Anytime

Most women are somewhat pedantic about personal hygiene. Your woman generally doesn't want to taste a combination of urine and sweat, so if she's avoiding giving you oral, this may be the cause of the problem. When you wash under your arms, also rinse your penis. Pull the foreskin back and gently wash with warm water (never use soap, though, because it tastes foul!)

She also may not like you cumming in her mouth. Unless she specifically asks you to, don't assume she wants you to cum in her mouth. Although porn stars appear to love it (they're acting remember?!) most real women don't. Think of oral on you, as preparing you for intercourse.

Save your orgasm for after you've fulfilled your partner, then you won't have to worry about getting hard again after ejaculating.

3. Women Prefer the Lights Off When Having Sex

She may think this is the case, however, if she can't see you her mind will wander. And if her mind is wandering she won't be able to achieve orgasm. Sex in total darkness also makes it difficult for you, and if you're worrying about what's happening with your penis it can make you lose your erection or panic and ejaculate early.

Use a soft, dim light positioned at floor level so you can see each other without the light glaring at either of you.

4. I Don't Need to Use Lube, Women Are Naturally Wet

Lubrication for a woman starts occurring as she gets turned on so unless she's completed my female Sex Mastery program and learned how to self-lubricate her vagina, you need to use lube to prepare her for intercourse! Lube will also make it easier for you to penetrate without any problems.

Saliva dries too quickly so look for a good organic lube online. 

5. Women Like it Hard and Fast!

Can you see the problems we have with gaining our sex education from porn? In the real world, most women like to feel connected with their man during sex and this can't happen if their man is constantly focused on maintaining speed. If you're driving your car at 100 mph can you enjoy the scenery? No. Can you enjoy your passenger? Not if you want to stay in your lane. It's the same with sex, hard and fast will compromise your connection and your ability to stay in control.

If she wraps you tight in a bear hug when you speed up, that's a clear indicator she wants you to slow down so she can feel you.

6. Women Like a Frequent Change of Position

Porn is not real! Unless she asks you to change position you're going to switch her out of her orgasm program. And considering that most women take such a lot of time to get in the orgasm zone, she's not going to be at all impressed when you're constantly changing position.

This is one of the most common reasons why women lose interest in sex, as well as the other reasons mentioned here.

7. I Don't Need to Last Longer, I Can Just Give Her More Foreplay!

Women generally love to feel their partner up close and personal, they want to feel like they are melding with their partner. This only happens through intercourse. More foreplay just makes it feel unbalanced to a woman. She doesn't want more foreplay, she wants to feel you inside her!

If you have sexual challenges such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction you need to act on solving those problems before it destroys her desire for intimacy.

In summary, these are amongst the most common of all the sex myths. Sex, love and attraction - know how to get these essential components right and your woman will initiate sex as often as you.

Keep in mind that a strong lead and fulfilling sexual technique are essential for keeping your partner's sexual interest engaged with you over the years. 

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7 Common Sex Myths Every Man Should Know
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