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5 Songs to Fuck To

Sometimes the beat is too good to not get naked with that special person...or even a one nighter.

There are some songs that just command that you dance horizontally to. These range from Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" to Barry White's "Can't Get Enough of You, Babe"  What is about these songs that make us want to get freaky? Do we really care? Without further ado, here are some of the songs that you just have to fuck to at some point in your life.

'Get Lucky' — Daft Punk

The command is right there in the lyrics, "we're up all night to get lucky." Who would dare disobey them? Not only are the lyrics on the racy side but the beat was created to encourage people to get together and thrust their naked bodies together. This is a song that is begging for people to take it literally and enjoy themselves. There is no shame in sex and the band's hope is that the audience has as much fun as they did. Plus an orgasm.

'Can't Get Enough of Your Love' — Barry White

White's baritone voice has always been credited with being one of the sexiest alive. The added bonus that it got pants off and sex regions mashing together is just one of those things that aren't talked about, but is widely acknowledged. This song has the added bonus of being a very sweet love song that was used for many couples as writers/producers tried to get the audience to root for them. Make no mistake, White's voice had a sensual effect on almost everyone. The ones who weren't effected probably weren't having sex anyways.

'Dirrty' — Christina Aguilera

"Sweat til my clothes come off." And with those lyrics, Xtina as the songstress was known in this era of her career, was letting her audience know that it was okay for them to fornicate to the song. Along with that lyric, she also purrs like a sex kitten goes wild(er) that she wants to get Dirrty and that she won't stop until she gets what she wants. Make no mistake, this was the call for females to let their male (or female) lovers that they were in charge and to demand what they want. It worked, and many people now have daughters with the name Christina in honor of this song. When it comes on, the only appropriate response is to get naked and let your partner have their way with you. It's the law of the diva.

'My Neck' — Khia

The first few songs were gentle and about lovemaking but now we are in the section where getting oral sex is the name of the game. Here Khia demands that her man lick her "back, pussy, and her crack." And he better not dare tell her no. She has been waiting far too long for this and needs the kind of orgasm that only oral sex can give her. Many lesbians around the globe adapted this song as their anthem. And when it plays, you know what happens. Straight women followed suit and demanded that they get equal oral time if their men wanted to get a blow job. This song must account for most oral sex happenings in clubs. And we are thankful for that. 

'Bitch, I'm a Bottom' — Pablo Hernandez

This is a shout out to my fellow gay and bi men. The song is a parody of the cult classic Madonna tune, "Bitch...I'm Madonna" but this one is even campier than the original. It also lets the tops of the community know that the bottoms are waiting to get laid. Yes, it's true they want dick as much or maybe more than the tops want some ass. When this plays in the club, all of the couples grind up against one another, and the singles looking for one night of relief from using their hands find someone to get together with. It's a great song to get hard to... and then cum the next morning... wonder if it was worth it.

What songs do you fuck to?

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5 Songs to Fuck To
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