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5 Men of Instagram You Didn't Know You Should Love

Insta is obviously swarming with talent, but here are five men you can’t afford to miss…

Whether we need someone to motivate us in terms of body confidence or lifestyle, or we just enjoy a good ogle on Instagram (deny it if you will, we know you do it...), but either way, if you're going to do it, you may as well do it right. The following five male specimens fit the bill perfectly...

1. Vince Azzopardi

Photo Courtesy of Vince Azzopardi

Top of our list has to be the tall, dark and handsome former model Vince Azzopardi. You won’t need to look at the picture twice to see why! And it only gets better once you start following his accounts.

With virtually every photo (or video, depending on your preference—he has accounts for both) this guy posts, it begs the question “why bother wearing clothes?” or the prayer, “May you never find your clothes!”

This utterly stunning specimen will have you feeling weak at the knees within minutes of following. Don’t hesitate for a second, though: it’s totally worth it.

Follow Vince on Instagram at @vincentazz and/or @veggievince

2. Shane Crommer

Photo Courtesy of Shane Crommer

There’s something undeniably attractive about guys with sleeves—I know I'm not the only one to think so! This Brit takes it to a whole new level. Plus: abs, abs, and abs again. Shane sets the bar so high when it comes to body envy.

It’s not all about the shirtless photos, mind you. This guy’s fashion sense—for both formal and casual—is top dollar. Whether he influences you to improve your lifestyle or to dress well, he is an account definitely worth following.

Follow Shane on Instagram at @shane_crom

3. Zoran Avramovic

Photo Courtesy of Zoran Avramovic

Prepare to get very hot under the collar now. In every post and every story, this young man’s scorching good looks (especially that gorgeous smile) will leave you begging for a bucket of water or something.

And that’s both with and without clothes! Zoran’s body is undeniably delicious, but he looks equally irresistible when modelling a wide range of smart-causal outfits.

Follow Zoran on Instagram at @avramov.zoran

4. Hugo Daniel Moura

Photo Courtesy of Hugo Daniel Moura; Credit: @mateographie

Smouldering expressions alert. A specimen who looks as good in a tux and bow tie as he does in just a pair of boxers.

Sure, he’s a model, and most of his posts are sneak peaks from various shoots he has done. But every picture this almost illegally attractive guy features in is an excuse to sweat (in every good way possible).

Oh, and one more thing—sorry to disappoint you, ladies, but he’s not for you.

Follow Hugo on Instagram at @hugogft

5. Daniel Neher

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Neher

Now for something of an unsung hero as far as the Men of Instagram go. Unlike our other entries, he’s no model or fashionista. He's just a young man with boyish beauty dedicated to his fitness lifestyle and motivating others. What more can you want these days?

Sure, Daniel’s stories are primarily (not exclusively) set in the gym, but the results are very clear, especially if you have been following his progress for a while. Just look at that hard-earned body—one cannot deny his hotness. Plus, the smile is cute AF.

Follow Daniel on Instagram at @dani_da_ne

And an Honorable Mention... 6. Fabian Arnold

Photo Courtesy of Fabian Arnold

We couldn't leave you without showing off this lovely specimen. While born in Germany, Fabian is now based in Australia. And he's far more than just a gym-going model.

Many of his posts and stories are based around interesting points, topics, and motivation, most recently regarding self-education, mind-growing, and becoming a better person.

If you follow his account, you can’t help but appreciate the beauty, of course. But while you’re there, engage with the blogger and vlogger that operates at the same time.

Follow Fabian on Instagram at @fabianxarnold

Have we missed anyone?

We know that Instagram is absolutely crawling with gorgeous, photogenic guys. (We could only feature those who gave us permission to use their photos.) If you have suggestions for entries in another such feature, let us know!

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Dale Hurst
Dale Hurst

Dale is a writer, restaurant critic, presenter and broadcaster. He has run the food and travel blog Expensive Tastes since 2012 and in 2018, published his debut novel, The Berylford Scandals: Lust & Liberty.

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5 Men of Instagram You Didn't Know You Should Love
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