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11 Perfect, Sexy Gifts

Your lover will thank you.

Get this and more at Jockstrap Central.

Christmas is just around the corner. There is not doubt that you are wondering what to get the one that warms your heart and all your parts.  Here are six items that are a must have to make Christmas bright.

4 Hunks Catcher Lad Mesh Wrestling Singlet with Open Back

This 4 Hunks Catcher Lad Mesh Open Back Wrestling Singlet is ideal for the one you love. It is the epitome of what sports fetish is all about. While traditional singlets are tight and somewhat revealing, there is little left to the imagination. With an exposed chest, low waistline, and a see through formed pouch, you'll want to wrestle your man all day, everyday.

Liquid Silk Water Based Lube

Liquid Silk: Water Based Lubricant - (250ml) | Esmale Ltd
Liquid Silk: Water Based Lubricant - (250ml)

Liquid Silk Water Based Lubricant is perfect when using condoms and it doesn't leave a sticky mess. You can use with a partner, intimate foreplay, or with intercourse.

Aneros Vice Prostate Massager

Aneros - Official Site
Award Winning Prostate Massager, Prostate Stimulator, Sex Toys For Men, Male Sex Toys

The Aneros Vice Prostate Massager is one gift that your mate will appreciate. With the popularity and health benefits of prostate massages, he will be stimulated internally and externally.  With Kegel exercises, the Vice Prostate Massager's design allows your mate to stimulate the prostate hands-free. This is a must for the bedroom. You won't regret this gift idea. Did I mention that it will keep the prostate healthy?

Sweet Leggings

Leggings aren't just for yoga. Leggings will accentuate his figure and hold everything in place while he's working out. You can also buy them to wear and to tease him with as well.

Black Thong

A black thong will do wonders. If you love to wear sexy underwear, then this is for you! This thong, on the Skyn You're In, is perfect and it allows you to wear your favorite pair of jeans without that embarrassing panty line.

Nasty Pig Hook'd Up Sports Socks

Nasty Pig Hook'd Up Sport Socks are perfect for those who have a taste for the sock or the foot. Covering the calf muscles, these sport socks are perfect for boots, jeans, or even when you want to lounge around with nothing else on.

Andrew Christian Massive Gladiator Jock

The Massive Gladiator Jock from Andrew Christian is guaranteed to make one-on-one time with you and your mate even more special. The Gladiator Jock is shiny, seductive, and slimming. The soft yet sturdy straps provide comfort. Go ahead and get these now as they are a limited edition.

Keep Calm, Cook Nude

The apron simply says, "Keep Calm, Cook Nude."  If your male companion is a nudist or naturist, then this will spice things up in the kitchen and have him for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This comes in an array of colors on the Naked Colors Store. Not only is it sexy, but it's safe. Who wants to burn their goodies while frying bacon? Certainly not me.

HIV/AIDS Awareness and Prevention

On a more serious note, nothing is sexier than someone knowing their HIV status. This will not only encourage your male companion to get tested regularly but to educate himself on what HIV is and is not. Remember that prevention is sexy.

Glowing Gallery

Glowing Gallery
Glowing Gallery votive candle holder holder metal

Do you need something to set the mood and to make it right? Go on over to Pine Oak Farm and get you a nice glowing gallery. The glowing gallery comes with the glass cups and the metal stand. Get your favorite scented tealight candles and light them up and let the good times roll.

Ra Polo with Ankh

If you are into a guy who is woke and has an opened third eye, then this Ra Polo with the Ankh is for you. If conscious and spiritual is sexy to you, then this nice, slim-fitting shirt is for you. This will make your Ra gentleman the apple of your eye.

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11 Perfect, Sexy Gifts
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