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10 Disturbing Fetishes That Will Make Your Skin Crawl *Must Read*

If you're super sensitive to the idiosyncrasies of the world I suggest you back away slowly. However, if you're ready for the weird let's get started!

If you are no stranger to my Vocal page then you probably know about the extensive amount of asinine fetishes that I have brought to your erotic attention. Your curiosity, as well as mine, has peeked yet again and I can't wait to share with you the next patch of super weird fetishes. I've done some more research and I've found ten more outlandish fetishes that just might blow your mind. If you're super sensitive to the idiosyncrasies of the world I suggest you back away slowly. However, if you're ready for the weird LET'S GET STARTED!

Psychosexual Infantilism

This entails two willing adults to perform the act of sex while one of the performers dresses up and acts like a literal baby. One of the love birds will go as far as to make baby sounds, drink from a bottle, and even wear a diaper. The other love bird is looked to in a nurturing yet sexual way which by the way if you ask me is sort of... creepy. To each his own though all I know is that I will NEVER be changing any adult's diaper.


If you're no stranger to porn hub then you probably have either seen or heard of sleep creep videos. This fetish entails by waking anyone up with intrusive fondling, groping, as well as some other NSFW topics that I'm sure you can type into the Google machine so that I can put this article out with no problems. 

Piss Fetish

You know how you feel when you're pissed off? Okay, well some people feel tip-top when they're pissed on. It's a super weird fetish but people actually enjoy the warm, steamy, embrace of a golden shower. For me, personally, hot water works just fine. But, I mean, sometimes you want to save on the water bill I guess. 


This one actually pisses me off. It's super gross but it kind of blew my mind. Like, I know that the world is full of fucked up people but I definitely didn't think it was to this extent. Necrozoophilia is the fetish of being sexually aroused by dead animals. Now if that isn't the weirdest, most disgusting thing you've ever heard we either can't be friends or you have been in way darker places of the internet than me. 


As if pregnancy didn't have enough to do with sex, people are out here getting their boots knocked to pregnancy porn or just pregnant women on the street. Can you imagine how many kids a person who has this fetish would try to have in order to see their significant other round and ready for a pound? That's insane to me. Pregnant women are beautiful strong women, but I just don't think I've ever gotten hot and bothered by one.


This takes "Eat my ass, spirits" to a whole new level. Spectrophilia is when a person is aroused by ghosts. How does this happen? I'm not quite sure because to me it sounds batshit crazy. I don't really think seeing a ghost would turn me on. I'm probably shit my pants to be honest.


This one is actually kind of scary. People who have this fetish are turned on by making people cry. At what point would they go too far for a fix? Are they hurting people mentally or physically? Are they hurting people at all. I literally have so many questions about this fetish. It could be seen from so many different lights. They could be making people happy cry or sad crying. It's like the angel and the demon. I don't know how to feel about this fetish all I know is I am too kind of a person to walk around making people cry.


These people like to get their groove thing on in front of mirrors regardless of if they are by themselves or with a partner. Honestly, this one doesn't really surprise me. There are tons of narcissistic people "yas queening" themselves in the mirror everyday. Somebody was bound to start trying to date themselves. 


If you thought we were done talking about pee you were sadly mistaken. Apparently, these little urinal cakes love the feeling of wetting themselves, as well as the sight of their partnering letting the flood gates open too. I still can't wrap my head around the whole pee thing. I think it's literally just a mess to clean up. I've heard of dogs having accidents, but these humans out here doing the most too. 


So, this could never be me because I'm too protective of myself and the people around me to be with some adulterous criminal. People with this fetish enjoy knowing that their partner has committed unspeakable actions such as murder, rape, infidelity, and many other horrible criminal acts. Not sure what could ever turn someone on by that but it's a thing, even though it shouldn't be. There is not enough room in jail for this shit.

In Conclusion

What the fuck?!

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10 Disturbing Fetishes That Will Make Your Skin Crawl *Must Read*
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